Static Maps Have Never Looked This Good!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 at 3:09:00 PM

Do you ever find yourself using our Static Maps API, wishing you could cover your maps with markers of all sorts of colors, sizes, and letters, or that you could draw lines all over the map? Well, today is your lucky day. Check out these new features in the Static Maps API (and the kind of output you can get from it!) below:

  • More marker options: You can now specify 4 different sizes (from normal to tiny), and 8 different colors (and for half of the sizes, you can specify a letter as well).
  • Paths: You can specify a path of up to 50 points, along with color, weight, and alpha.
  • Image formats: You can specify PNG, JPG, or GIF output.
  • Transliterated tiles: You can explicitly specify a language, if you'd like transliterated tiles (for Greece or Japan, for example).

Feel free to play around with the options in the updated Static Map Wizard or read through the documentation. As usual, please post questions or comments in the forum. We'd love to see how developers are using this API and its newest features.