KML Articles Abound: It's About Time

Monday, October 29, 2007 at 4:15:00 PM

We've added two great new KML articles to

First, we've added a new article on "Time and Animation" to our "Topics in KML" series. The ability to associate geospatial elements with temporal data was added about a year ago to Google Earth 4.0, but this is the first extensive article we've published about time in KML. It includes information on using TimeStamp, TimeSpan, and animation of 3D models in Google Earth.

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Second, we've published a guest article by Valery Hronusov, from Perm State University in Russia, "Using KML in Google Mashup Editor." He shows how you can easily include a KML file in a Google Mashup Editor project to create a Google Maps mashup. Valery is a long-time KML developer who has produced a lot of innovative work. Most recently, he helped found Pict'Earth, which combines advanced image acquisition products and services. Check out some of their amazing imagery.

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