Don't feel like coding? Embed a map!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 2:19:00 PM

In addition to working hard to add more and more powerful features to the Maps API for our developer community, we also strive to make it even easier for non-programmers to embed maps into their webpages. To that end, the Google Maps team announced a new feature yesterday, called Embeddable Maps, that allows anybody, regardless of programming experience, to include a Google Map in their webpage. Although I personally may want to claim that using the Maps API is simple, putting an embedded map in your page literally takes nothing more than a copy and paste. Check out the map I embedded below - it shows off a nerdy KML created by Bo Majewski, one of our very own Google Maps API engineers.

So, please, go ahead and use embeddable maps to display your favorite KMLs on your blog, or show a map of your business location on your website. The Maps API community will always welcome you back, if you start feeling adventurous or homesick for Javascript.

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