New KML Developments and Documentation

Monday, June 04, 2007 at 8:51:00 AM

As we announced at Where 2.0 and Google Developer Day, there are two exciting new developments in KML.

  1. There's new documentation, at For instance, we now have a page on Google's search for KML files, and how to best publish your KML files so that Google will index them. In particular KML will be extended to include Atom Syndication format atom:author and atom:link elements for attribution. This will allow you to assign attribution to your KML files on a Feature by Feature level. Google chose to use the Atom elements because of our commitment to open standards.
  2. There's a new beta reference for KML 2.2. This is in a very early stage, and Google Earth and Maps do not yet support new elements in KML 2.2, but it gives you an idea what we're thinking about. Particularly, check out the references for PhotoOverlay, Camera, and the new Atom elements in Feature.