Revision 2.65 of Maps API v2

Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 9:48:00 AM

After the release of 2.64, some developers noticed bugs in click handling. We have fixed these bugs in 2.65. We have also decided to skip setting 2.64 as the default and instead make 2.63 the default for this week. This means that developers who specify v=2 in their <script> shouldn't see the issues that were new to 2.64 and resolved in 2.65.

  • JavaScript error reporting. For a short time we released a JavaScript version that didn't have any line breaks in our code. Mike Williams pointed out that this makes debugging difficult. A change was made to break up the JavaScript into new lines.
  • Map click events. Two issues with map click events have been resolved. One involved Internet Explorer registering two onClick events when it should have only been one. Another caused a marker that has been removed and re-added not to register a click event.
  • Information window rendering. We've resolved a problem with the info window rendering in Internet Explorer. Note that we've made some changes with a little CSS magic to only use two images for all info windows. This reduced the number of files loaded from 24 to 2, saving about 5KB on the download size.

In the coming weeks we'll be introducing a marker management tool that will allow you to easily manage hundreds of markers on a map at once. You'll be able to specify the maximum and minimum zoom level for which any given marker is visible.

Also, we wanted to point out that John Coryat has used a US ZIP code database to reverse geocode the continental United States along with Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Check out his reverse geocoder here. Thanks go to John, and to all the other developers working on creative solutions using the Google Maps API.

Finally, we plan to shut down API v1 in the first week of November. If you haven't upgraded yet, please visit our upgrade guide.

API v1 Current: 1.31
API v1 Default: 1.31
API v2 Current: 2.65
API v2 Default: 2.63