Send a geo-located Valentine's Day card or just break some hearts!

Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 2:33:00 PM

It's Valentine's Day. For millions of people, that means a day filled with outpourings of love, diamonds, and chocolate. For another gazillion people, it means cursing Hallmark and wondering why people can't keep their professions of love to their damn selves. Here at the Maps API blog, we are equally embracing of all attitudes towards life, so today we present map mashups that appeal to both the bitter and happy ends of the spectrum.

Happy? Send a geo-located greeting to a loved one. Just geocode an address, drag the marker around, write a message, and mail them the permalink. Remind them about where you first met, where you spent your honeymoon, or even your favorite dimly lit restaurant. The greeting defaults to a cute heart-shaped island which we found from a user-created content search on Google Maps, and the map uses ExtInfoWindow and the adorably compact GMenuMapTypeControl.

Bitter? Break some hearts! See if you can break the score shown in the screenshot below..and yeah, pretty much everyone can. I'm commonly known to be the least coordinated homo sapien known to man. (I consider it a feature, not a bug :)