Revision 2.48 of API v2

Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 2:52:00 PM

We'll be releasing revision 2.48 of API v2 later today with no intended changes.

A lot of developers have been wondering when we plan to turn off v1. Rest assured that we won't turn off v1 on May 3 (exactly one month after we announced v2). However, we strongly urge you to upgrade. There will be at least two weeks notice before version 1 becomes unavailable, and we expect that to happen some time in mid-late May. Please let us know if you're having problems upgrading via the Maps API Discussion Group.

API v1 Current: 1.31
API v1 Default: 1.31
API v2 Current: 2.48
API v2 Default: 2.47