Update on the upcoming API v2

Friday, February 03, 2006 at 12:05:00 PM

Note: API v1 is not affected by this update at all.

We've released revision 2.36 of the API v2. The new revision makes the upcoming API v2 backwards compatible with v1. That is, the interface of a GMap object and all the auxiliary objects is no longer different from the published API interface, with the exception of the method openInfoWindowXslt(), which we abandoned. (More on XSLT support in later posts). In order to try and explore the API v2, you need to instantiate the new class GMap2. As with v1, the current revision is available using the URL parameter v=2.x. The value v=2 will give you last week's revision.

Please be aware that the API v2 is still in alpha status, and we don't yet recommend its use.

API Default: 1.30a
API v2 Current: 2.36
API v2 Default: 2.35